Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

I suck.  I got all excited about blogging, and reading everyone else's blog... And then I totally dropped the blog, er, ball, and now I'm waaaay behind.  Grr.

I guess I have been pretty darn busy, though.  Quick update:  Paris was FREAKIN AMAZING!!!!  So much fun!  It was incredible and I'm so glad I went.  I'll post some pics soon.  I'm still trying to get them all edited and sorted and remember what/where everything was.  I loved London, too.  But Paris... Wow.  Dream come true!

Wedding plans are going well for the most part.  Only a little behind on the invitations - there was a glitch on the company's end and they lost my order.  But I think we're back on track now, and should have them out in the mail by next week.  All the details are starting to come together now, and we're seeing the big picture of the finished product.  I'm getting really excited.  It's going to be so beautiful!  And fun!  My mom and sister have been the most amazing wedding planning team.  I'm a lucky girl.

Erman and I are doing well.  He's remarkably patient with me and puts up with my mood swings (thanks, stupid birth control).  We found an apartment to move into.  It's in Parker and close to family, work, and school.  We get to move stuff into it May 5th.  Eeek!  Our first home together...  Surreal.

Forgive my moment of mushiness, but I really do love my dear fiance.  He's so good to me.  He always makes sure I have what I need and he tells me every day that I'm beautiful and how much he loves me.  Sometimes I just can't believe that I'd ever deserve such a wonderful man who'd want to spend his life with me. 

I feel so blessed.   :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Mmm, Delicieux!

Day 10: A photo of your favorite place to eat:

My favorite restaurant?  A French cafe, of course!  I can't wait to go to Paris and eat crepes every day.  YUM!!

Day 9

I'm attempting to catch up a little bit.

Day 9: A photo of the item you last purchased:

Ladies, if you would like to spice up your man's scent with something uh-mazing, I highly recommend a little Calvin Klein magic.  Got some of this for my honey for Valentine's Day.  LOVE.  IT.

Let me Just Blow the Dust Off This Here Blog...

Blog FAIL.  I've been quite distracted lately, hence my lack of blogging.  Apologies, fellow bloggers.  The reason for my negligence?


Therefore, I need to revisit Blog Challenge Day 7:  Your Dream Wedding

First of all... Ring pic!

Now on to the planning.  A date has been set:  June 25, 2011.  A venue has been chosen: Maggiano's Little Italy in Englewood, Colorado.  Colors have been picked: deep plum and ivory.  A dress has been almost acquired: think vintage lace :).  Decorations are under way.  It's all coming together so nicely!

My ultimate dream wedding?  Well.  That requires renting a castle in Ireland... which is a leetle out of my price range.  Just a wee leetle bit.

The next best thing?  Exactly what we're doing.  I am so stinkin' excited about it all!  I love the venue.  It has such a fun atmosphere - warm and inviting and vintage-y.  LOVE it.  And the food will be absolutely amazing.

I realize most people are not familiar with my lovely fiance.  His name is Erman (Air-mahn) Ercin (Urchin).  He is half Greek, half Turkish, raised in Turkey.  He came to the states about 7 years ago without knowing any English, but is now thriving in our good ol' American education system, working on his second degree.  He does quite a bit of translation work - both for the Air Force and for our church (he was just asked to start working on the D&C!).  He's quite the smarty pants.  And he's wonderfully sincere and kind and has so  much motivation.  I found me a keeper!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sept, Mais Huit

Day 7 - Your dream wedding:

I'm actually gonna skip this one and come back to it later.

Day 8 - A song to match your mood:

Love this song.  Every time I hear it on the radio I get warm fuzzies inside.  Yeah, yeah, I know...  I'm so totally twitterpated.  Sorry for grossing you out, guys.

Plain White T's - Rhythm of Love

My head is stuck in the clouds
She begs me to come down
Says "Boy quit foolin' around"
I told her "I love the view from up here
The warm sun and wind in my ear
We'll watch the world from above
As it turns to the rhythm of love"
We may only have tonight
But till the morning sun you're mine all mine
Play the Music low and sway to the rhythm of love
My heart beats like a drum
A guitar string to the strum
A beautiful song to be sung
She's got blue eyes deep like the sea
That roll back when she's laughing at me
She rises up like the tide
The moment her lips meet mine
We may only have tonight
But till the morning sun you're mine all mine
Play the Music low and sway to the rhythm of love
When the moon is low
We can dance in slow motion
And all your tears will subside
All your tears will dry
And long after I've gone
You'll still be humming along
And I will keep you in my mind
The way you make love so fine
We may only have tonight
But till the morning sun you're mine all mine
Play the music low and sway to the rhythm of love

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Six Little Koalas

A photo of an animal you'd love to keep as a pet:

I've always wanted a pet bunny.  But of course, I'm allergic to anything with fur, and couldn't even keep a hamster for more than a couple months (she got stuck in the couch once for five hours; another time got out of her cage and chewed a six inch hole in the carpet, plus destroyed a beanbag).  And I'm a serial fish killer.  I'm terrible with pets.  The only ones I can seem to keep are stuffed.  But one animal I really really really wanted when I was a kid is a koala bear.

I used to be nuts about koalas.  It all started when my grandparents went to New Zealand when I was in the second grade and brought me back a stuffed koala toy.  I. Loved. It.  I named her Koala Lou, after my favorite book.  She went everywhere with me.  I think I even sewed her some clothes at one point.  And since then I fantasized about having one for a pet.  (I still kinda do...)  I think maybe it's the ears.  They're so fluffy!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Cinqo de Blogo

A photo of yourself two years ago:

 Crazy how styles change so quickly, eh?  He he he...  Just kidding.  ;)